Professor’s Take on Online Academic Networks ResearchGate, Academia.edu & Mendeley

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Here is an insightful blog post from a professor explaining what he does and does not like about academic networks ResearchGate, Academia.edu and Mendeley.

Summary of His Post

Key quote:

As an university professor, with great pressure to publish in academic journals, academic generalist networks ResearchGate, Academia.edu or Mendeley, help me to:

– Disseminate on the web my published articles to try to obtain citations and names among the scientific community in my field of expertise
– Find research papers quickly and easily
– Search for collaboration and international research projects
– Share ideas and find solutions

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ResearchGate Likes: interactivity, intelligence, source credibility
ResearchGate Dislikes: difficult to upload all publications

academia.edu logo
Academia.edu Likes: repository of publications
Academia.edu Dislikes: “very restrictive when disclosing your ideas to exchange views with other researchers.”

Mendeley logo
Mendeley: Not an academic network. Organize and search bibliographies, add papers from the web to your library.


“Foresee a better future for ResearchGate because of its commitment to sociability, though not as much as LinkedIn, my favorite generalist academic network.”

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